erp consulting
erp consulting
Whether you’re evaluating enterprise resource planning solutions or pursuing a business transformation initiative, our ERP advisory services and business transformation services can help you achieve your organizational goals.

It’s likely that no one knows how your business works better than you. Likewise, no one understands business management systems better than the people who develop and deploy them for a living. One of the most critical factors in an ERP implementation is the partnership between the client and consultant project teams.

We are experts in the transition from old, usually disparate, business management systems to the new solution. We analyse and understand your business requirements, and in this context evaluate potential ERP solutions. Choosing the most appropriate system, then deploying, customising, testing and fine tuning that system are all phases of the project which can be handled by Vertics.

Consulting Division
What should I expect from a consultant?

ERP projects are notoriously complex and high risk. Not surprisingly, the high-profile failures are the ones that get most attention. A good consultant will keep the project on track by following a road-tested methodology, listening to and guiding the client, mitigating project risks, and handling the psychological aspects of change.

Again, a good consultant will recognise and avoid pitfalls, such as scope creep, inadequate testing and poor data cleansing.

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Vertics 2.0 is a comprehensive and integrated Software Solutions designed and developed by Trans Emirates Systems,

It has been conceived by a blend of seasoned professionals with rich and relevant experience.

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