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Vertics 2.0 is a comprehensive and integrated Business Management Software designed and developed by Trans Emirates Systems It has been conceived by a blend of seasoned professionals with rich and relevant experience.


Chances are that no ERP software will exactly match your business's needs. That's why you'll want to look for a product that allows the easy customization of statements, forms, reports, screens, help systems and other program facets.

Stunning Reporting

View or export your reports in HTML, PDF and Microsoft Excel formats. Reports will provide use case models, use case reports and requirements hierarchy reports.

Data Security

Data Security and protection is vital to all of our customers. For this reason, we provide weekly redundant backups. (Cloud backup service also available upon request)


Your business may grow in scope as well as size. The accounting program vendor should either offer add-on modules that allow customers to slap extra capabilities to its product, or a migration path to a full ERP environment.

Usability/ Learnability

The amount of efforts or time required to learn how to use the software is very less. This software is very user-friendly even for IT-illiterate people.

Modules & Features

Enquiry & Sales

The sales module provides in-depth insight into the main business processes of sales and distribution, such as inquiry, quotation, deliveries, invoicing, customer credit, backlog management, discount management, sales returns handling, statistics and follow-ups, accounts receivableetc...This module comes with a complete Enquiry Manager which helps to track the performance of your team.


The project management module comes with everything you need to track and manage projects. It offers an array of features like, managing BOQ’s, Manpower and other over heads of project. This module comes with varieties of project related reports which help to increase team productivity and reduce burnout.

RFQ Register

This help to register all the enquiries in the system and the enquiry can assign to the concern estimation engineers for proceeding further. We can easily track the status & age of each enquires through this option.

Estimation / Costing

Projects are sold based on estimated costs plus markup. Vertics ERP has a complete tool to prepare the project estimation and track actual costs as the project moves along and provide comparisons to the estimate to help ensure profit at the completion.

Resource / Material Allocation

Whatever your project is, you want your ERP system to be a tool that keeps people, parts and processes on track. Through Vertics ERP you will be able to allocate resources such materials, man power or others where and when they are needed.

Real-Time Information Access

One of the major features of ERP project management systems is the ability to provide common up-to-date information in real-time to all the people involved from management to execution levels.

Procurement / Purchase

The module deals with sending purchase requests to multiple suppliers, receiving quotations and generating purchase orders to suppliers and finally making goods receipt voucher and goods receipt note etc.

Inventory / Store

The module deals with the stock maintenance, tracking of stocks in and out, fast moving & slow-moving items, goods conversions, transfers, adjustments & items reorder notifications etc...

HR & Payroll

The Payroll module calculates monthly payroll in one click. It takes (Basic salary + Allowances + Over time) - (Deduction + Absents). And the HR module helps to maintain employee records and it can attach documents of employees along with each employee records to view them later when needed. One of the features of HR module is document expiry reminders which help the HR manager to renew the employee specific documents like passport, visa, insurance and all other on time.


Save time and increase the accuracy of your financial records with automated ledger updates and reconciliation. Our finance module also provides smart budgeting, forecasting and reporting tools with easy-to-use forms designed to meet all of your business needs.


VerticsERP 2.0 delivers fast, flexible dashboards and reports which can bring all of your company information together in one place to easily perform sophisticated business analysis. It empowers users to make better decisions, faster with interactive visualizations including chart & graph reports.


This module allows creating multiple companies& users. The super administrator can create users and assign different user roles to the members of your team in different departments such as HR, Accountant, sales executive etc... Each role comes with its own capabilities and restrictions. The administrator can also create new role with custom privileges.

About Vertics

Vertics 2.0 is a comprehensive and integrated Software Solutions designed and developed by Trans Emirates Systems,

It has been conceived by a blend of seasoned professionals with rich and relevant experience.

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