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Vendor management is the process that ensures maximum value is received for the money that an organisation pays to its Vendors. Because these supplies play a part in the smooth running of an organisation, it’s important for both Vendor and organisation to engage properly and effectively.

Establishing a proper relationship, managing the requirements and communicating clearly with Vendors is essential to the organisation, which means a comprehensive Vendor management policy is required.

Through this, it serves to strengthen Vendor relationships and improve compliance, while also reducing the workload for the buyer.

E-Tender Module

Our Tender Management Module is an online service that helps suppliers and buyers to interact with each other to achieve prominent efficiency in all aspects of a tendering process. Whether it is complex tendering or simple RFP/RFQ process, Tender Management helps an organization in executing an effective Eprocurement strategy and make your procurement or tendering function hassle-free. It takes care of the complete procurement life cycle, starting from the vendor or supplier registration process until awarding the contract. By using this solution organizations can ensure the transparency of the entire tender management process.

What does the Vendor management process flow involve?.


Step 1: Qualification

Qualification involves the evaluation of Vendors to determine if they are capable enough to provide the necessary goods or services to the standards set by the buyer.

Step 2: Onboarding

The necessary information about the chosen Vendors is then collected as part of the onboarding process. Internal processes and systems have to be changed or updated accordingly, while relevant stakeholders are to be informed, so that the company recognizes the new Vendor and can begin trading with them.

Step 3: Segmentation

Vendor segmentation is the process of classifying Vendors into specific Vendor quadrants based on a pre-defined set of metrics such as supply risk, supply criticality and total spend amongst others.

Step 4: Collaboration

Close collaboration between s and Vendors improves the relationship and commercial value through process and performance advances and product or service innovation.

Step 5: Evaluation

The final step is used to measure a Vendor’s performance and ensure they meet the terms laid out by the contract, and is based on a number of metrics including delivery time, price, production, quality and service.

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